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avoid creating examplefiles

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## R CMD check results
There were no ERRORs or WARNINGs.
There was 1 NOTE:
* Found the following files/directories:
‘Bundesliga.xml’ ‘myfile.xml’
These files are created by the code examples provided in Bundesliga.XML.Rd
There were no ERRORs or WARNINGs or NOTEs.
* my real name is Joerg grosse Schlarmann, and I added the "grosse" to my name
......@@ -13,15 +13,16 @@ Bundesliga.XML(Datei = "Bundesliga.xml", Saison = "all")
\item{Saison}{ season to be included, by default "all" for all seasons }
\author{ Joerg Schlarmann }
# this saves all season to file "Bundesliga.xml"
#this writes only season 2001/2002 to "myfile.xml"
Bundesliga.XML("myfile.xml", "2001/2002")
\keyword{ datagen }
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